Supply Support Agreement (SSA)

Point to Point Education already has an outstanding reputation in the UK for providing high quality teaching staff across the education spectrum from early years to post 16 education.
In addition to being able to provide supply teaching staff on a daily basis we are also able to work with schools, groups of schools and academy trusts to provide a support agreement that enables you to purchase a number of supply days in advance, paying for them up front and using the supply days as and when required.
The advantages of such an agreement and considerable:

  • Supply teacher costs are reduced because SSAs attract a discount compared with the normal cost of a supply teacher for the day
  • We are able to ring fence the supply staff who will be working with you so that you can always have the same group of supply teachers who know your school/s and your systems. This means that you can depend on the work and quality of your supply staff and that they in a very real sense are part of your team
  • We have a very simple and efficient system for requesting the use of your supply days that mean that you do not have to spend a lot of time and effort arranging for supply staff to come in
  • We provide tracked, efficient financial and management information
  • You can carry forward any unused supply days from term to term and between academic years

We will ensure that we work very closely with our SSA schools to meet and support your staffing requirements and have a genuine partnership with you. We want you to feel very confident that the supply staff that you have are of an excellent standard and are committed to helping your school or schools perform well and provide an outstanding quality of education for your students.
Naturally we will ensure that:

  • There is complete compliance for your Single Central Register
  • All vetting and clearance procedures have been successfully carried out
  • There is complete compliance with the Agency Workers Regulations 2010
  • All our supply teachers are interviewed and checked thoroughly by experienced Point to Point Education staff

We guarantee that we will provide:

  • A rapid response for booking requests for same day and next day booking
  • Free access to the Point to Point Education online database system to request and confirm bookings, confirm clearance details and produce management information
  • Ongoing support and professional development for all our SSA supply staff