When you first arrive in the UK, we suggest you stay in budget-friendly accommodation, such as a youth hostel, hotel or B&B. When you recover from jetlag, you can arrange to find share accommodation, an apartment or a flat.

Make sure to look for places near public transport, and not more than 30 minutes away from your school.

When you’re looking for accommodation, remember to take your time. Don’t just pick the first place, make a decision that you’re happy with. Consider if you can share with a friend to split costs, or see if you can find somewhere with all inclusive rent.

Don’t choose somewhere out of your budget. Aim to pay between £80-£120 per week, depending on what type of accommodation you decide on.

You can find share houses on Gumtree, EasyRommate, Spareroom.com and HousePals.

Use the Transport for London page to plan your journey to and from work.  

Point to Point Education is a free service for teachers.

Point to Point Education is team run by teachers, for teachers. We have all had experience teaching in the UK, and know exactly what you can expect. Our Recruitment Consultants are there to give you support every step of the way. We value our teachers and pay some of the highest available rates.

Of course! We encourage our teachers to stay in contact with us. We are there to help at any time throughout your placement.