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Documentation and Relocation Support

      • Documentation

        You’ll be off to a smooth start knowing your paperwork is in order. Our dedicated Compliance Manager will make sure you have ticked all the right boxes and have met the compliance standards for teaching in England.

        Prior to starting your new job, you will need to post us certified copies of:

        • Teaching qualifications (QTS or ENIC if applicable)
        • National police check
        • X2 proof of address
        • Passport and Visa
        • List 99 and or DBS as required
      • Relocation

        Fast forward a few weeks or months from now, you’ve been offered your new teaching role and your documentation is in order.

        Now, let’s talk about relocation. Point to Point will support you with:

        • Planning your trip to England
        • Applying for your visa
        • Booking your flights
        • Applying for your National Insurance Number
        • Opening your British bank account
        • Finding a local G.P
        • Finding accommodation within a commutable distance to school
        • Connecting you to our extensive network of teachers
        • Ongoing phone support from your dedicated Candidate Care Consultant
        • Welcome event; school visits; ongoing CPD

        Basically, we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. So you are free to plan your plane playlist and relax with the knowledge that everything will be sorted on the other side.