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What We Offer

      • With many years’ experience, our team at Point to Point Education specialise in finding the perfect fit between quality teachers from around the world with schools in the UK.

        When you choose to partner with Point to Point, you can be confident that your new teacher will be the perfect addition to your school.


    • Teacher trackers

      Your job is leading an impressive, competitive School that educates the minds of the future. Our job is to travel the world to track down extraordinary teachers who can help you achieve that.

      The rare, precious, valuable, worth-their-weight-in-gold kind of teachers. The kind of teachers you want to fill your school with. Our network is full of Early Years, Primary and Secondary teachers. We get to know them all. Then we introduce the right one to you.

      • No need to come to us, we’ll come to you

        We intentionally cast our net wide when looking for the best talent. From the UK to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, the USA and even Jamaica, we cast our net wide. When we find a wonderful prospective teacher for your school, we get so excited we jump straight on a plane – or online – to get to know them.

        Our first step is to schedule a time to sit down with a prospective teacher and have a face-to-face or virtual coffee. We have a general chat and ask some strategic questions to make sure the teacher lives up to the expectations set on paper in an interactive environment.

      • CV flicking is not our style

        We consider your school environment, location and Ofsted, in order to recommend the best teacher match for your school’s specific needs.

        We stand behind our promise of quality backed by rigorous research and cross-checks. During our teacher recruitment process, we spend on average 40+ hours with each teacher.

        We need to know our teachers have strong behaviour management, content knowledge, adaptability and meet our high standards.

      • emma and teacher talking
      • Point to Point support system

        Our teacher recruits have a dedicated, experienced consultant to guide them every step of the way. They talk once a week and cover our 28 touchpoints. These touchpoints include topics such as British Values, Ofsted, Curriculum, CPD and social networking, to name a few. The support and connections that we provide for our teacher recruits sets us apart and sets them up for success in UK schools. 

      • Paperwork made easy

        We do it all for you. Before your teacher starts, our Compliance Manager supplies you with all the required certified documents, including; CV, references, OSPC, qualifications, QTS, passport, Visa, 2x proofs of address, ENIC, SACE, DBS, List 99. Our compliance policy is comprehensive: we leave no box unticked.

      • Celebrating success

        Get the good china out! ☕

        One of the best and most rewarding parts of our job is coming to visit you and our teachers at your school, to check-in, in person. We fly from Australia to celebrate the success of our teachers and offer any additional support needed. We know that schools and teachers alike value these face-to-face visits. They help strengthen our ongoing recruitment relationships and give us an even more in-depth understanding of the school’s present and future needs, so we can continue to offer an outstanding level of service and support.


    • Getting to know you

      Tell us who you need and we’ll find them.

      Our experience spans every level and teaching area, so we will quickly come to understand the individual needs your School has.

      Teachers that proceed to the interview stage have been specifically selected for your school. They have been well-researched, prepared and have consciously chosen to interview with your school on an exclusive basis.

      • person at desk
      • Virtual interviews

        Zoom, Teams, Skype, Hangouts, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Messenger. The number of reliable platforms to conduct virtual interviews (involving multiple staff in different locations, if necessary) has opened up a whole new way to tap into the global teaching talent pool. Virtual interviews help us as well as Headteachers vet applications more efficiently, making it possible to interview teachers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, USA, South Africa and Jamaica in a single day.

    • Multiple vacancies?

      Interview between 5-25 teachers back to back, over a couple of days, via your preferred digital platform.

      This timetable was created for a Trust in Essex. They were successfully recruited. This is an example of how we schedule interviews. 

      Skype Interview timetable example

      • teacher and school headmaster
      • Face-to-face UK: They’ll come to you

        Where a face to face interview is preferred, Point to Point Education can select and arrange a school-matched teacher for you to meet, interview and even observe in a teaching capacity, on location at your school.

      • emma and teacher talking
      • Face-to-face FIFO: You go to them

        If you’re looking to recruit 10+ teachers, fly out and meet us in either Australia, Jamaica, New Zealand, South Africa, or the USA and interview a group of short-listed teachers face-to-face. Some school representatives enjoy visiting the country they intend to recruit a group of teachers from, so they can learn a little more about the culture of the people they will be working with. We’ll cover your flights, accommodation and airport pickups.


      • Professionals with heart

        We LOVE what we do and we’re good at it, too.

        The Point to Point team is a group of professional, responsive, proactive, experienced, dedicated and passionate people.

        We know the teacher recruitment industry inside-out and upside-down. 

        Visa’s, QTS, DBS, Pay scales, ENIC, OSPC’s, Skilled Worker visa’s….we’ve got you covered and we’re here to help. Every step of the way.

        Recruit with confidence knowing you’re working with professionals with heart.

    • Cost and terms

      You will be pleasantly surprised at the value your school will receive by working with our team at Point to Point Education to secure teachers for your UK School. 

      Contact us and we’ll send you more information on our costs and rates.

      • Contract teachers 

        You can hire a Point to Point teacher for a minimum 1 Term contract on an agreed daily pay rate, based on the teacher’s qualifications and experience.

        Standard terms are weekly pay cycles, where schools pay fortnightly, with a two-week termination period for both parties.

      • Teacher with pupils
      • Permanent teachers

        You pay a one-off recruitment fee (payable within 7 days of commencement) and then place your teacher on a school contract and school salary from the commencement of their employment. Point to Point offers a 30 day free replacement period, in the extremely unlikely case that the teacher is not the right fit for your school.

    • Point to Point Education go to extraordinary lengths to get to know their client schools. They undertake detailed research, including visits and conversations with senior leaders to really understand the school’s setting, its location, ethos and the character of the wider community and environment.

      Kevin Sadler
      CEO, Gateway Learning Community