5 Countries You Need To Visit For The Food

    • 5 Countries You Need To Visit For The Food

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      From experiencing different cultures to making memories with new mates; everyone has different reasons for why they travel. For some, it all comes down to travelling to new countries for must-try foods. 

      Here are the top five countries you must visit for the food!

      5. Lavender Ice-Cream in Croatia

      The Dalmatian coast is scattered with some of the best ice-cream stores around. Throughout the summertime, almost every traveller walking through the old towns will do so with an ice-cream cone in hand.

      The Island of Hvar is well-known for its lavender which is sold in the markets, boutique stores or served in a scoop of ice-cream. Whether you love the smell (and taste) of this herb or not, Lavender Ice-Cream is one flavour every foodie must try while sailing through Croatia.

      icecream in croatia

      4. Schnitzel in Germany

      There’s nothing too outlandish about Bavarian food, it’s cooked simply. But, the humble flavours of the Schnitzel paired with a stein of beer is one iconic combo that cannot be missed in Germany!

      A traditional Bavarian schnitzel is a pork fillet that has been tenderised until it’s flat and thin. It is then spiced with salt and pepper, rolled in breadcrumbs and fried. The end result is a mouth-watering dish served with fries or salad. For the ultimate flavour sensation, squeeze a slice of lemon over the schnitzel too. You’ll find the schnitzel on almost any menu at the markets, local restaurants or even an Oktoberfest beer hall.

      3. Lokum in Turkey

      Lokum, more commonly known as Turkish Delight, is a unique dessert produced from the staple ingredients of sugar, water and starch. The jelly-like treat is bursting with sweetness and can vary in subtle flavours of rose, lemon, pistachio, date and plenty more. Traditionally, every region has its own variety of flavours and subtle touches.

      Walking the busy streets of Turkey, you’ll find colourful pyramids of Lokum in shop windows. It’s not uncommon to walk into these shops and be instantly approached by shop attendants. They encourage shoppers to sample the abundance of flavours before even making their first purchase. So keep an eye out and do not hesitate to sample and browse!

      lokrum in turkey

      2. Gyro in Greece

      From cheese to wines and delicious pastries, Greece has its fair share of tasty traditional dishes. Any traveller who has visited the country has certainly heard of the famous fast food pita dish of Gyro or Gyros. Pronounced YEE-ros and meaning ‘to turn’, this dish is a staple of modern Greek cuisine!

      The Gyro is a pita filled with tzatziki sauce, tomatoes, onion and meat that is cooked on a rotating skewer. Of course, other garnishes and sauces are available too. We highly recommend adding fries to your Gyro to complete the perfect late-night snack!

      1. Pastel De Nata in Portugal

      Portugal is well and truly known for its sweet tooth, thanks to the endless bakeries and pastry shops lining the city streets. In particular, the Capital of Lisbon is known for one tasty treat that truly ‘takes the cake’.

      Introducing, the Pastel De Nata or Portuguese tart.

      The recipe for this famous Portuguese sweet dates back hundreds of years ago, when a monk sold off the secrets to a baker in Lisbon in the early 1800’s. Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find a bad ‘nata‘ anywhere in the capital. The sweet looks like a cross between a tart and cake, and is made from cream, egg yolks, sugar, flour and lemon zest. The art of the tart is to craft it with just the right amount of sugar on top so that it caramelises without burning. Locals enjoy the delicious treat daily alongside an espresso coffee.

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