Back to School Tips for Teaching in January

    • Teachers know that the return to school in January means the ending of open schedules, no more time to eat while sitting down, re-organising plans around when to go to the bathroom and, of course, no more binge-watching favourite shows!

      Returning to school routines after a long break can be daunting, especially for those who are teaching abroad. For all teachers, and those of you who are met with the added task of teaching overseas, here are some tips to help fill 2019 with amazing experiences and teachable moments:

      Reflect and Set Goals

      As a teacher, you cannot expect to repeat every lesson with every class, every year. Some of the best teaching advice would be to take this time to reflect on what was successful last year and what you need to work on for the upcoming year. This is a great time to set goals for yourself and regain confidence by reflecting on your strengths as a teacher. Start 2019 by making a plan and getting organised.

      Remember, a new year means a fresh start! Be open to learning new classroom strategies; new ways to teach material and activities that not only challenge your students but also get them engaged. If there is a senior teacher who you admire, do not be afraid to ask for advice or if they would share experiences teaching in the UK.

      Grow With New Experiences

      Teaching abroad can be a fantastic opportunity for you to create teachable moments in your classroom. Teaching in the UK allows fantastic opportunities for international teachers to experience a new environment and a new culture. How incredible would it be to visit the home of Charles Dickens or see a battle site and use this inspiration to create exciting lessons? The passion that comes from experiencing teaching material first hand will be infectious, and your students will become just as excited.

      Make 2019 your best year by experiencing life outside of school and using that to grow not only as a teacher but as a person. Use your time teaching abroad as inspiration to try new techniques and cover different material.

      Keep it Simple

      With so many possibilities ahead of you during this exciting time, it is easy to become overwhelmed. While planning or setting goals you may feel the urge to try everything all at once, but avoid this temptation. Keep things simple and try one thing a day rather than twelve. Remember, you want to make 2019 your best year yet, so focus more enjoying the beauty around you and taking pride in the small successes of your teaching.

      If you are starting your teaching career, many people may want to give you teaching advice, try to take it all in and use what you can to your advantage. However, if something seems to be out of your comfort zone or not aligned with your style of teaching, do not be afraid to keep things simple and go with what you know.

      Take on a New Challange

      While teaching abroad can be exciting, it can also be terrifying! There are many challenges to overcome, and to those of you teaching overseas and teaching in the UK, you have support. For teachers travelling from Australia to teach in the UK in 2019, we wish you a fantastic year filled with memorable classroom moments. May you laugh with your students, cry with them, learn together and grow.

      Teaching in the UK is a fantastic experience. If you are up for a challenge, get in touch with the Point to Point Education team. We provide continuous support to our teachers overseas throughout the entire application and placement process. Contact Point to Point Education to feel secure in your teaching position while gaining experience in the UK school system. See how far your experience as a teacher can take you, and what new opportunities lie ahead in 2019.

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