Becoming Einstein’s Teacher: Awakening the Genius in Your Students

    • Becoming Einstein’s Teacher: Awakening the Genius in Your Students

      The new book by Erika Twani is definitely worth a read!

      Today’s complex, fast-moving world demands workers who are constantly learning, can think flexibly, aren’t afraid to make mistakes or change direction, and can contribute at the highest level of their individual talents. This book shares an easily scalable framework that nurtures exactly those qualities—the genius within each learner—without requiring major changes in resource allocation or school curriculum. Incorporating the best of many modern pedagogies, the Relational Learning Framework enables each learner to practice and ingrain positive learning habits, while taking advantage of the brain’s natural reward system to spark enjoyment for learning anything.

      Author Erika Twani has helped schools around the globe implement the Relational Learning Framework. She has witnessed its success and scalability in different contexts and required curriculums. In this book, she explains how the framework works, and shares specific, systematic strategies that any teacher can use to realize each of their students’ full potential.

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