Don’t lump all agencies in together during the COVID19 Pandemic – we are not all the same!

    • Don’t lump all agencies in together during the COVID19 Pandemic – we are not all the same!

      Keeping a positive attitude and a professional online presence when times are tough during the Coronavirus outbreak.

      The online forums that connect thousands of teachers across the UK where venting is permitted can become a place for negativity and unhelpful thoughts. Over the last few weeks, there has been a window of time where Supply Teachers (with good reason) were left hanging as their jobs and regular paychecks were suddenly halted. By no fault of theirs, the Schools they work in the Agencies and Payroll companies they are employed by nor the Government.

      It’s important to point out that everyone’s situation is critical and unique, but this type of pandemic is new territory for everyone in the world. Take stock, look at what you do have, demonstrate gratitude and aim to respond with resilience and kindness.

      The comments online relate to Teachers wanting to start their own non-for-profit agencies, naming and shaming agency and consultants. This can be attributed to people feeling incredibly anxious and stressed about money and job security.

      Every teaching agency has a story, they hold different values and ethics and at a time of frustration and confusion, it’s easy to point the finger. Without COVID-19, the very people that have been supplying you with work are also faced with an unprecedented situation. No-one in the world has the answers we are all looking for and the uncertainty for agency staff and their organisations which potentially were thriving a few weeks ago are now in jeopardy. Schools are closed. Until the Job Retention Scheme was announced on the 27th March in the UK, cash flow in most businesses across numerous industries, just stopped overnight.

      At Point to Point Education, we want to encourage all teachers on Supply, Long Term or Permanent Teaching contracts to ‘Keep Positive At All Times’.

      Count your blessings

      Focus on the good things in your life! When facing a major problem in life, aim to open the discussion for solutions rather than overworking the problem itself. Allow a positive attitude to come from inside you, remind yourself of the good things from the year that just past and maybe the year that is to come!

      Time will march on

      Consider at all the lousy things that have happened over time in the history books! The Spanish Flu, The Great Depression, War….! Time heals eventually. Accepting that whilst in a challenging and adverse situation, that it’s not permanent and remaining positive will go a long way in how you overcome the challenges you face along the way.

      Sought out positive people

      A great way to keep positive is to share ideas with positive people and build on them. Talking with positive people, friends and family will help you negate those thoughts and ideas.

      There is still a place for agencies when this COVID19 is behind is. Point to Point Education is a family-owned and operated company. We are people too! Behind the website and emails, we are on your side and want this terrifying time in our lives to be behind us too. Stick together and keep positive at all times.

      Point to Point Education is not a Supply Agency. We work with overseas trained teachers and place teachers in long-term and permanent contracts. We are looking forward to the day when Schools across England re-open and flights can resume as many of our teaching candidates are itching to secure new jobs and do their BIG OE in 2020 and beyond!