Face to Face Teaching Job Interviews Offer Greater Benefits For Many Reasons

    • Face to face teaching job interviews offer greater benefits for many reasons

      Many schools and Education Trusts across England choose to fly over to NZ and Australia annually to recruit the best possible teachers for their schools and organisations. It is a sign that not only there is a shortage of teaching staff and talent in England but also how highly valued Kiwi and Aussie teachers are over there.

      Skype or digital interviews are the most widely used technique for teachers to gain teaching contracts in England.  However, many teachers prefer to meet their potential new school Principal and value the time they take to fly over and interview in person. You can’t beat this approach!

      It’s a big commitment for a School Leader to take the time out from the day to day running of their school and to spend time interviewing on the other side of the world. It takes away a full range of barriers and opens up opportunities for teachers to discover which school will suit them best and for schools to extend their search to source the best educators for their students and wider school community.

      Build up a sense of trust from the Principal or School Leaders.
      The face to face process enhances credibility and trust.  The interviewers learn a lot by simply interviewing you in your country and environment.  This helps with your employer understanding your current lifestyle, weather and professional duties and settings.

      Hold more in-depth conversations.
      There is no need to breeze through important topics because the Skype connection is weak.  Both sides can take their time and get the full explanation across. This adds to the transparency of the process hugely.

      Get a better impression of the School and the organisation you want to work at.
      The commitment to travel from England to meet and interview teachers from Australia and New Zealand demonstrates the importance of the interview process.  The hiring school want to make successful teaching appointments and retain their staff.  This is a two-way process and is mutually beneficial.

      The hiring school can build up a sense of who you are and find it easier to understand where you come from and your prior knowledge and experiences.

      Emotions and body language are more easily read.  
      In a fast-paced digital world, the old-fashioned face-to-face interview still has its place for teachers wanting to relocate to England with certainty and job security.

      Can be easier to focus.  
      The structure of the interview will be more open and formal. Often a digital interview lacks formality and teachers find it hard to focus on what is required to win the role. There can be interruptions with connections and incidents at school or even people knocking on the Principals door during your interview. By meeting face to face you can make your lasting impression as there will be no unwanted distractions.

      To capture and hold attention that is not always possible in a digital interview.  There is an unmatched value in meeting your potential School employer face to face before you arrive in England.

      Take the opportunity to meet your potential future principal face to face. Our next face to face Principal Interviews being held are:

      • Melbourne – 20th  – 24th March 2020
      • Brisbane – 30th March to 4th April 2020
      • Auckland – 27th April – 1st May 2020

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      We do hold face-to-face interviews in England from time to time, contact us to arrange a Skype interview.