Find a teaching job in England with support

Find a teaching job in England with support


Look no further than Point to Point Education to find your new teaching job in England. Choose from a range of teaching roles and locations across a wide range of school settings.

Teachers are in demand in England again following the Covid years! Early Childhood, Primary, Special Education and Secondary teaching jobs are available now for teachers seeking to discover life overseas.


Why Point to Point?

Apply for your teaching job with Point to Point Education and stay up to date with the latest opportunities. Our team are experts in supporting teachers to find the right position and school just for you.

We support you with the entire process and are specialists in relocating teachers. Not only have we all made the move over ourselves, but we have also been helping teachers head over to England to teach since 2012. We are up to date with all the latest visa requirements and have a fantastic group of teachers already in England that you can connect and network with.


Contract and Payment

Secure your teaching contract and be paid and valued equally to a teacher with UK training. Ask us how to apply for your QTS with the Teacher Regulations Agency and/or Statement of Comparability with ENIC.

Teachers working in England can expect to be paid on the Main Teachers Pay Scale. This varies on location to reflect the cost of living in each region. Each teacher receives annual pay increments to reflect their service and experience. There are only 195 teaching days in an academic year. You can enjoy booking holidays during half term and end of term breaks. The great school term structure and easy access to Europe has always been a strong drawcard for overseas-trained teachers.


Teaching Overseas

Every teacher has a different motive for teaching overseas. Whether you are looking to get your teaching career off the ground as a graduate or are a seasoned teacher ready to see what the international teaching world can offer, you can be assured you will gain valuable experience to enhance your future in teaching. For those teachers looking for career progression, England is an attractive prospect. With a rising population and high demand for teachers, professional development plans and pathways for leadership are among the best in the world. You can get rapid professional growth if you are that way inclined!

There’s a lot to know about when it comes to getting a new job and relocating. Let us guide you through the process. We will listen to you and understand what you are looking for in a teaching job and in your personal life so you can have an enjoyable experience and make the most of every moment.

If you are looking specifically for a teaching job in London our recruitment team works closely with a multitude of schools across the city of London that are keen to meet, interview and appoint overseas-trained teachers.

There is no shortage of teaching jobs this year! Get in touch with the friendly team at Point to Point Education today.