• Schools across England work with specific dates each term in which teachers need to resign by. This is called Resignation Day.

      The Teacher Resignation Dates are the deadlines that Teachers must meet when handing in their notice. This occurs three times per school year (once a term). By having a resignation date this helps the schools to plan and organise their recruitment, ensuring their staffing needs are covered for the following term.

      Teacher Resignation Dates

      Teachers who wish to leave their current positions should hand in their notice by the dates below:

      • to leave at the end of the school year, give notice no later than 31 May
      • to leave at Christmas, give notice no later than 31 October
      • to leave at Easter, give notice no later than 28 February

      It’s important to check with your individual school before making definite plans – some schools may have different dates by a day or two depending on their school’s calendar but the dates above are the general deadlines.

      Usually, once the resignation date has passed, the vacancies really start coming to Point to Point Education as Head Teachers and HoD’s know exactly what they need and will start actively interviewing and appointing.

      If you would like to find out more and to talk about your next career move, contact info@pointtopointedcuation.com.