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      You’ll find the county of Hertfordshire just North of London, in an area known as East Anglia. The main city you’ll find here is St Albans, but you’ll find towns like Stevenage and Hemel Hempstead here too. It is dominantly a suburban area, with London only a train ride away. The population is 1,176,700./p.

      There is always something to do in Hertfordshire. This area is known for its culture and proudly displays it through the art exhibits and museums here. The Henry Moore Studios and Gardens, for example, is a lovely outdoor sculpture park that offers both art and nature.

      If you’re into adrenaline sports, there are opportunities for fun white-water rapids, wall climbing, a snow centre and adventure parks. There are also more laid back activities like golf and woodland walks.

      It’s Hertfordshire where you will find the Warner Bros. Studio Tour of the Making of Harry Potter, a magical place that has all the secrets of the hit movie. It’s something all ages will love seeing, and they put on many special events.

      If you’re into your history, then Hertfordshire doesn’t disappoint. Travel to Hatfield where you will find Hatfield House, the stately home where Queen Elizabeth I spent a lot of her childhood. It was here she was told she had become Queen of England. The house, park and gardens are open here in the summer months and offer fantastic views and insight into how the famous and royal lived.

      You’ll also find St Albans Cathedral standing beautifully in the city of St Albans. England’s first saint (Alban) is buried here. The walls are adorned with medieval art. It is a must-see.

      From the evidence of the Iron Age to Roman ruins, to WWII history, Hertfordshire has been an appealing place to live for centuries!

      In 2013, uSwitch’s Quality of Life survey found Hertfordshire to be the third-best place to live in Britain, and in 2016, it was voted the best place to raise a family. It gets top exam results when compared to other counties, has fast broadband and also has easy access to healthcare. On average, local schools are only about 10 minutes away and nine minutes to your local doctor’s office. There is also some great sunshine to be had here, which probably contributes to Hertfordshire being the third best place to live.

      Finding your way around here is easy. London is only a train ride away. From most major train stations you can get to St Pancras, King’s Cross or London Euston. From here you can easily travel to other places in the country, or cross the channel for a short trip to France.


      Getting around
        • Train: Great Northern Trains
        • Plane: Heathrow, London (only 20 minutes from Watford or St Albans by car)
        • Automobile: The M1, M11, M25 and A1, various bus services
      Did you know?
      • You can take a train to run North to South, but it isn’t as easy from East to West of the county. Instead, use the bus network. There are also plenty of taxis available.
      • The River Ouse flows through the town of Bedford, which is 1,000 years old. Every four years there is an extravagant River Festival with a fair, stalls and dragon boat racing.
      What you can see

      About Schools in this region

      Quality schools are plentiful in Hertfordshire. As mentioned before, on average it takes about 10 minutes to get to the local school. There is a total of 602 schools here. 425 are Primary schools, and 115 are Secondary.

      To view their OFSTED inspection reports please click here. Alternatively, you can compare the performance of the different schools by clicking here. 

      Why work with us in Hertfordshire?

      Hertfordshire is proud to boast some of the top exam scores in the country. Point To Point is proud to introduce educators to this area that have helped contribute to that. We recruit talented teachers from New Zealand, Australia, and Canada and take the time to get to know more about them and their skills. We’ll then match you with one of our many partner schools. Point To Point will make sure that the placement works out for both the teacher and the school and will always be around to answer any questions or offer support.

      If you would like more information about placement in Hertfordshire or another destination, contact us today.