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    • Sue Croft
    • Is your school looking for quality teachers?

      As a group of dynamic recruitment specialists, Point To Point is quickly becoming known as the trusted education recruitment partner endorsed by the DfE for Schools and Trusts across England.


      • How do we work with schools?

        Point To Point aims to find the perfect fit when matching potential teachers with their potential schools. We work with the schools ensuring that the selection of candidates available is best suited to the environment, location and job requirements that they are wishing to fulfil.

        We also aim to make meeting teachers as seamless as possible with our face-to-face and online interviews. Prior to any interview we equip our teachers with as many resources and as much information as possible to ensure they are aware of all the requirements and, we have encouraged our teachers to participate in webinars and information sessions to help in preparation for meeting with key staff from the schools. We also assist our teachers in the interview process to ensure that they have all of the necessary information available about the schools, as to make the entire process as efficient as possible.

      • What types of schools do we work with?

        We work with a variety of different schools and have the ability to offer a large range of different teaching positions. Depending on the region of service, we work with schools offering positions in:

        • Academies
        • Faith based Schools
        • Independent Schools
        • Maintained Schools
        • Free Schools
        • Private Schools
        • Colleges

        We recruit teachers in all disciplines;

        • Early Years
        • Primary School
        • Secondary School
        • SEN
        • Leadership

        We specialise in working with Trusts and Federation/s who seek to interview higher volumes of teachers though our well known FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) Recruitment Weeks in Australia and New Zealand and Digital Interview Timetables.

      • Work with us as a school

        There are many benefits to partnering with Point to Point. We have a broad and deep knowledge of school recruitment, which we are able to apply to a wide range of schools. Point To Point works hard to:

        • Boost staff retention
        • Improve the quality of teaching
        • Increase student achievement
        • Place great teachers in your school
        • Recruit STEM (Maths, Science and Computer Science) Teachers for FREE through the DfE International Teacher Framework.

        We help schools to meet their short and long-term objectives while building long-lasting partnerships.

      • Teacher with pupils
      • How we find the best teachers for your school

        The process that we conduct at Point To Point is extensive to ensure that the best possible candidates are on offer to our schools. We immediately know the suitability of teachers who apply through our online instant assessment. This initial tool allows us to know the basic suitability of a potential candidate looking at a variety of aspects including:

        • Qualifications
        • Years of teaching experience
        • Citizenship status
        • Specialist teaching area

        We at Point To Point have many years of experience in teacher recruitment and teaching itself. Placing candidates in well matched schools is at the heart of all we do to ensure your students have the best possible teacher.

    • In my many years in education, I have worked with many recruitment agencies and can assure you that Point to Point are head and shoulders above others. Their commitment to providing a premium service from start to finish ultimately provides schools with the essential support they need to recruit the best possible teachers for their pupils.

      I cannot recommend Point to Point more highly.

      CEO, Gateway Learning Community

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