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Teacher Coaching Programme (TCP)

    • Pointing the Way Ahead – Our Tailored Teacher Coaching Programme

      Teaching is an exciting and rewarding profession. We all want our teachers to be able to perform to the best of their ability and to deliver lessons that are challenging and exciting so that children learn effectively and make at least good progress over time. Unfortunately, not all lessons meet this expectation.

      • Coaching Tailored To Your Needs

        We have personalised teacher support and coaching programme that will improve teachers’ performance in the classroom. We supply a professional coach to work with a small number of your teachers every week on an individual basis for an agreed period of time. The programme starts with a training meeting for the staff who are going to be involved. The consultant then observes a lesson delivered by the teacher – usually with a senior member of school staff – to agree what the current standard of teaching is in that lesson and what progress is being made. Following that there is a detailed review of the lesson and a weekly review and guidance session for the teacher to look in detail at aspects of the teaching and learning process so that improvements can be made.

      • Work With Us

        This personalised process enables staff to focus on their own work as teachers and make detailed changes and improvements that over the course of the programme will lead to a significant overall improvement in the quality of teaching. At the end of the programme, there is another joint observation where senior staff can be involved in assessing the improvements that have been made.
        We are so confident that our programme will be successful in your school that we offer a guarantee that if you are not able to see a significant improvement in the standard of teaching of those who take part in the programme we will carry on with the programme until we are successful.

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