• Teaching Jobs

      Point To Point specialises in finding a PERFECT fit between teachers and schools. When you choose Point To Point, you go into your new overseas teaching job with your eyes open, and the best possible knowledge of the job you’re taking, so you are confident, happy and excited for your new teaching adventure.

    • We offer a variety of teaching positions in the UK, Australia and New Zealand!

      • Station yourself on Europe’s doorstep and work in the always amazing, England! We service a range of regions throughout England for whatever type of lifestyle you’re looking to experience. England hosts fantastic art, palaces, museums, gardens and parks, and hosts some of the most popular global attractions like the London Eye and West End Theatres.

      • We also service Australia and New Zealand! You can’t go wrong with our range of global locations that our teachers rave about, whether they are full-time or have opted for a supply teaching role.

    • Full-time Roles

      A Full-time position provides you with excellent professional development opportunities and an experienced mentor teacher. You will also have a full-time job, on a salary, including paid sick days which will give you the peace of mind that comes with financial security. Full-time positions come with paid school holidays so that you can expand your travels even further! We make this opportunity more than a working holiday!

      When you secure a Full-time position with Point To Point, you receive:

      • A permanent job on a salary
      • Paid school holidays and sick days
      • Excellent professional development opportunities
      • Financial security
      • An experienced mentor teacher
      • More than a working holiday – a career development holiday!
    • Supply Teaching

      Supply teaching is all about flexibility! The Point To Point team will provide you with on-the-ground support to ensure that you are pointed in the right direction! We will make sure that opportunities are communicated to you and we can even schedule them for you. There are also recurring opportunities with schools when you are asked back and the ability to start whenever you wish so that you don’t have to wait for a new term.

      When you opt for a Supply teaching position with Point To Point, you receive:

      • Flexibility
      • Opportunities communicated to you and scheduled for you
      • Directions and on-the-ground support
      • Recurring opportunities with school when you are asked back
      • The ability to start whenever you like – so you don’t have to wait for a new term
    • Point To Point is committed to making your teaching experience overseas a memorable one! We have access to all types of schools and positions in our global locations that will suit all your needs. Made by teachers for teachers, we provide tailored service and make sure that you are aware of all the elements involved in this process!

    • I have received nothing but the best support and mentoring from Jen at Point To Point. As soon as I decided I wanted to teach in the UK, until now where I am in the classroom and teaching – Jen is still always an email or phone call away.



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