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Teaching Jobs in Birmingham

    • Teach in Birmingham

      Birmingham lies at the centre of the country. It is the largest city in England other than London, with a population of over 1.1 million. Are you ready to take on the hustle and bustle of teaching in Birmingham?

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    • More about Birmingham

      A medium-sized market town in the medieval period, Birmingham grew to international fame in the 18th century at the heart of the Midlands Enlightenment and subsequent Industrial Revolution, which saw the town at the forefront of worldwide advances in science, technology, and economic development, producing a series of innovations that laid many of the foundations of modern industrial society. By 1791 it was being hailed as “the first manufacturing town in the world”.

      Since that time the city has continued to grow to its current size, its wealth being based first on skilled manufacturing and later increased the service sector including public administration. It has its own busy airport, six universities and two Championship football clubs (Aston Villa and Birmingham). Birmingham’s major cultural institutions – including the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, the Birmingham Royal Ballet, the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, the Library of Birmingham and the Barber Institute of Fine Arts – enjoy international reputations.

      • Getting around

        Birmingham is becoming a popular place to live for teachers as it is far less expensive than living in London yet still gives many of the advantages of living in a big city. Much of Birmingham centre has been redeveloped and there are some very attractive and popular areas such as the Jewellery Quarter with its trendy flats made from converted warehouses and factories and the restaurant and bar areas around the central canal. It also has a larger canal network than Venice!

        Trains into London can take just 1 hour and 22 minutes with Virgin West Coast but if you are happy to take a slower train you can travel to London Euston for £6 if you book in advance – far cheaper than going by car! The National Rail site is excellent for rail journeys.

        Getting around Birmingham is simple with most journeys on public transport taking place on the extensive bus network. However, there is also a new tram network that goes across the city and this is due to be extended.

        Birmingham Airport is just 10 minutes away from the centre of Birmingham by train. It is one of the UK’s busiest airports with direct and connecting flights across the world.

        Birmingham is also famous throughout the country for its road network. The city is served by the M5, M6, M40, and M42 motorways, and probably the best-known motorway junction in the UK: Spaghetti Junction. It also boasts the only toll motorway in the country.

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    • About schools in this region

      There are currently 299 primary schools (including 22 infant schools and 21 junior schools), 6 all-through schools, 27 special schools, 6 special/alternative schools and 81 secondary schools in the Birmingham Local Authority area. Birmingham’s schools range from large inner-city comprehensive schools to small infant schools.  The majority of schools are doing well and any that have had issues in the past are being supported to ensure that they are on the way to becoming good. The Local Authority has worked hard to tackle any problems and is respected for its commitment to high standards in education and the way that it supports schools. To view their OFSTED inspection reports please click here. Alternatively, you can compare the performance of the different schools by clicking here.

    • Point To Point works closely with teachers from around the globe who wish to work in Birmingham.  We make sure that we profile teachers accurately so that we can match them with the right schools in Greenwich. We work in partnership with our schools, visiting all our teachers on site and liaising closely with them to ensure that the placements are going well and that teachers feel secure and well supported.

      If you would like to work in a school in Birmingham, please contact us.  We would love to help you!

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