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Teaching Jobs in Camden

    • Teaching in Camden

      Camden is an exciting and vibrant part of London that contains beautiful parkland like Hampstead Heath and Regents Park, major tourist attractions like London Zoo, Camden Market and the British Museum and colleges of London University including University College, SOAS and Senate House. Are you ready for an adventure?

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    • More About Camden

      Camden is a large inner-city London borough in the northern part of the city, reaching from Holborn and Bloomsbury in the south to Hampstead Heath in the north. Neighbouring areas are the City of Westminster and the City of London to the south, Brent to the west, Barnet and Haringey to the north and Islington to the east.

      More than 246,000 people live here and those who do have easy access to all the attractions of living right in the centre of Europe’s biggest city and the world’s most popular tourist destination. As well as the massive range of cultural and shopping facilities Camden is famous for the range of eating experiences and restaurants.  It is an expensive area to rent or buy in but those who do have far lower transport costs than those who live outside the centre and can walk to much of the rest of London.

      • Getting around

        Camden is a popular place for teachers to live and work, drawn by the concept of being in the heart of the city. Transport is fantastic! London Transport has a massive underground railway, bus and surface railway line network that serves Camden and all areas of London. The newly built Elizabeth Line is due to start service in 2018 and this will make Camden even more accessible and popular with easy rail journeys across London from the east and west. London Transport makes finding and planning routes and booking journeys easy.

      • For those who want to work here and live outside the area, rail travel is simple especially to and from the areas to the north of London with three of London’s main rail stations in the borough: Euston, King’s Cross and St Pancras.  The National Rail website is excellent for planning rail journeys.  It is worth remembering that for all journeys using public transport in the London area including Camden the cheapest option is to use an ‘Oyster’ card (available from stations and many shops) or a contactless bank card.

        There is also City Airport a short distance away with rapid links using the forthcoming Elizabeth Line and the DLR:  it is easy to fly from there to destinations all over Europe and in the UK.

        St. Pancras Station is the main station for the Eurostar rail service to Europe making it very easy to visit destinations in western Europe by train. From Camden you could be in Paris in no time at all!

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    • About Schools & Teaching in Camden

      There are currently 44 primary schools and 10 secondary schools in Camden. To view their OFSTED inspection reports please click here. Alternatively, you can compare the performance of the different schools by clicking here.

      Teaching in Camden is popular and has massively improved over the last 20 years. Salaries for teachers in inner London are higher than in the rest of the country with new teachers’ salaries starting at £2,8028. Camden’s schools are inner-city schools and they are excited to work in – there are a real team spirit and sense of support and comradeship. Families who live in Camden come from all parts of the world and there is a very rich cultural and language heritage with many different languages spoken in schools. Teaching is very demanding but totally rewarding and many teachers decide to stay in Camden for the whole of their careers.

      Camden County Council is known for its commitment to education and high standards in schools across the authority, equality of opportunity and student achievement and welfare. It is a very approachable authority.

    • Point To Point works closely with teachers from around the globe who wish to work in Camden.  We make sure that we profile teachers accurately so that we can match them with the right schools in Camden. We work in partnership with our schools, visiting all our teachers on site and liaising closely with them to ensure that the placements are going well and that teachers feel secure and well supported.

      If you would like to work in a school in Camden, please contact us.

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