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Feedback Complaint Policy

    • Point to Point is committed to providing an excellent service to all of our customers. This is why we want our customers to be able to send feedback so we can ensure we can continue to provide a service of the highest standard.

      How to provide feedback or make a complaint

      Do you have feedback on the service you have received at one of our branches? Please follow the following steps to submit your feedback or complaint:

      1. Step One

      You should initially contact the Consultant you talked to by telephone. This gives the local office team the chance to listen to any feedback and resolve any queries.

      2. Step Two

      If you have talked to a Consultant but are not satisfied with the response you received, you will be required to submit written feedback. Your response will need to include any relevant documentation and supporting evidence. You can submit your written feedback and support documents to the Education Director at:


      Point to Point takes every submission seriously. We will:

      • Deal with the submitted feedback fairly, confidently and effectively.
      • Acknowledge the feedback within two working days.
      • Provide a likely timescale for resolution.
      • Investigate the submitted comments and keep the customer informed of what action is being taken.

      3. Step Three

      If you have received feedback from the Education Director and are still unhappy, your feedback will be submitted to the Company Panel. The panel is made up of the Company Directors for Point to Point. The panel will undertake an investigation and will present their findings in a written statement.

      Post Resolution

      Point to Point works hard to make sure customers are happy with the outcome of any feedback that is submitted and investigated. We take into account all of our feedback from customers and staff and use this to review and improve our feedback procedure.

      Invoice Queries

      If you have a problem with an invoice received from Point to Point, you should first contact us using the telephone number provided on your invoice. This gives the Finance Team the opportunity to become aware of and respond to any issues.

      Are You A Supply Teacher?

      If you are a supply teacher and have problems regarding your payment from Point to Point, please contact Transition IIUK on 0203086726. If your feedback is unable to be resolved in this initial phone call, you will receive a timeframe of when you will be able to receive further feedback.

      If any information is received on the topic of a supply teacher involving children or vulnerable adults, this will be dealt with in concert with the school concerned. If necessary, the feedback will be escalated to the Safeguarding Panel and relevant authorities.

      We thank you for your interest in providing feedback to Point To Point. We appreciate the opportunity to know when we are doing something right and use all feedback to improve our procedures.

      Thank you

      The Team at Point to Point