Schools: Investing in Millennial Teachers

08 Nov 2016 Carly Lum

Millennials are commonly known as a generation unique to all the others. They are the generation of mobile phones, Facebook, WiFi and a breakdown of tradition. This generation can never be held back by distance or lack of opportunity. They are the pioneers of the new age and the people who …

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Q&A: Paul

24 Oct 2016 Carly Lum

Editor’s note: The full name of the subject of this article has been censored for anonymity

Paul, a 28 year old graduate teacher based in Wellington, travelled to the United Kingdom (UK) to teach through Point to Point Education. We had a chat with Paul to find out what his teaching …

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How Travel Experiences Make you a Better Teacher

16 Jun 2016 Carly Lum

While teaching overseas, you will have the opportunity to explore the world around you and be amazed by what is on your doorstep. From London, a train ride can have you in Paris; from Tokyo, a short flight can have you immersed in the cultural hub of South Korea.

This experience …

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Identifying Teaching Opportunities Overseas

19 May 2016 Carly Lum

Working overseas as a teacher can be a great opportunity to experience new cultures and make a difference in the lives of children across the globe. However, the process of finding a teaching job internationally can be daunting, especially if you are not already familiar with the country.

For teachers looking …

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3 things Headteachers can do to eliminate stress due to ongoing teacher shortages across the UK.

03 Sep 2015 Carly Lum

‘Government adviser warns children will be taught fewer subjects in larger classes by less qualified staff, with a 10% shortfall in numbers of trainee teachers’Carly Liddell-Lum

There is no doubt that children’s learning and the ability to ensure they are all achieving to their full potential is occurring under these circumstances. …

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10 Important Questions to ask your UK Teaching Agency!

18 Aug 2015 Carly Lum

1. What % of my daily rate will you take supply work?

Every agency will take a cut of your day to day pay when you work as a supply teacher. Ask your agency on average how much they are charging a school for you to be there? And how …

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13 Aug 2015 Carly Lum

In keeping with the ethos of the Point to Point Education, supply teachers are expected to dress in such a way as to project a professional image of themselves and Point to Point Education to pupils, parents and administration. Teachers are required to dress appropriately as follows:

· Smart jacket, tailored …

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NZ Trip Roundup

22 Jul 2015 Carly Lum

I have been very fortunate to have had a fun filled and very busy three days in New Zealand last week.

I love the opportunity to be able to get out of the office and meet with great teachers face to face. At Point to Point Education we are all about …

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Learn from the University of Western Sydney giving the low down on living and teaching in the UK

17 Jun 2015 Carly Lum

When did you finish University and how long have you been teaching in the UK?

I finished university in May 2014, and have been teaching now for almost a year but in the UK for about 5 months now

Did you teach in Australia before going to the UK and for how …

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