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Advance your teaching career in England

Where will your teaching career take you?

Point to Point Education has established relationships with schools all over England. Whether you see yourself working in the hustle or bustle of London or Manchester, or surrounded by the historic beauty of Norwich or Eastbourne, we are here to help you find and secure your dream teaching job! Point to Point Education will work to gain you a job in England on a full-time contract or a Supply teaching basis.

Why Point to Point?

Point to Point Education specialise in finding the PERFECT fit between teachers and schools. When you choose Point to Point Education, you go into your teaching job with your eyes open, and the best possible knowledge of the job you’re taking, so you are confident, happy and excited for your new teaching adventure.

When you secure a full-time job with Point to Point Education, you receive:

  • A permanent job on a salary
  • Paid school holidays and sick days
  • Excellent professional development opportunities
  • Financial security
  • An experienced mentor teacher
  • More than a working holiday – a career development holiday!

When you opt for a Supply teaching opportunity with Point to Point Education, you receive:

  • Flexibility
  • Opportunities communicated to you and scheduled for you
  • Directions and on-the-ground support
  • Recurring opportunities with school when you are asked back
  • The ability to start whenever you like – so you don’t have to wait for a new term

Point to Point Education work with a number of schools who need teachers to cover a class for a few days, a month or even a term! These short-term contracts are a really great way to get a foot in the door and try before committing to a long term or permanent position.

UK Term Dates

Term 1 – September

Point to Point Education usually receives vacancies in February for September roles. The UK have a resignation date where teachers need to let the school know what their future plans are.

Point to Point Education host UK Head Teachers in Australia and New Zealand every April and October to interview teachers for permanent contracts for the following term.

Term 2 – January

Point to Point Education usually receives vacancies in June for January roles. October is when we have UK Head Teachers in Australia/New Zealand to interview for January positions.

Term 3 – April

Point to Point Education usually receives vacancies in January for April roles.

Early years, primary, secondary and SEN teachers are encouraged to apply. Within 12 hours of your application we will call you with an honest assessment of your CV and suitability to teach in the UK in an outstanding Point to Point Education client school.

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